I started to realise my art in a targeted way as a teenager. I had been painting since I was a child, and I also experimented with sculptures made of wood and clay. In my professions as an actress, presenter and dubbing actress I am already communicative and creative but the need to express myself haptically and to create something lasting has always remained. Therefore I continued to paint and exhibited my mainly representational oil paintings in the early 2000s. 


Then, as a further outlet for my creativity, I founded design labels and received a patent for a reversible bag I designed. I had always been interested in optimizing things and this patent combined my need for artistic satisfaction and the statement that in most cases, things are not only what you see at first sight. Finally I decided to give my full concentration only to painting. For a good two years now I have been dedicating myself to the preparation and realisation of my HOPE series. My style had changed, instead of using oil and a spatula I now dab acrylic with a fine brush. The dabbing technique allows my works to develop and to show synergies where there were none in the beginning. Harmonies and disharmonies emerge, which finally merge into one picture. 


I conceive my paintings by first dealing with contents which I formulate in writing. The corresponding vision in my head, which forms and colours are necessary to transport these contents, develops parallelly. Only then do I go to the canvas. Acrylic on canvas is currently my chosen form of implementation, as I can apply layer after layer until the overall structure of the motif is achieved. Each painting is thus created in about 80 - 120 hours of meticulous work and thus also stands as a starting point for the time required for changes to develop.

I paint in order to communicate, to make subjects representational. My series HOPE comprises a total of eight works, symbolic of infinity. 

The twins "Elegie 1 and 2" are in adition a personal view on the conflict between creativity and conservative thinking.


As the daughter of a Cameroonian Minister of State and a German business graduate, I spent several years in Pakistan and Togo as a teenager due to my mother's activities abroad. In addition, the colour of my skin was and is a constant theme in my professions as well as in my private encounters. My need for harmony between supposedly opposing backgrounds, experiences, needs and views shaped me early on and is reflected in my work.

You will find more about my work as actress, presenter and dubbing actress HERE.

by Daniel Sonnentag

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